Swedish candle – Campfire for all weather

During holiday trips in the bosom of nature you can not miss a campsite, which allows you to warm up, prepare a meal, and at a later stage will repel the bloodthirsty mosquitoes. In this article, we suggest a different version of hearth. We mean a swedish torch which you can take with yourself and have a joy of a fire even in difficult conditions.

What is a swedish fire log and what can it be used for?

A Swedish candle is a piece of the trunk with a few notches supplying air. If you want to enjoy the fire longer, just choose a longer trunk. Due to its size and simple construction, the Swedish torch is perfect for boiling water in a kettle or for any other cooking activity. Another advantage of the unusual bonfire are the conditions in which they can be ignited. Swedish candle is not scared by snow, wind and even rain. Thanks to a special hole, drilled in the bottom of the trunk, in the strong wind there is a greater spread of fire, so even during the rain the flame will smolder.

swedish candle

How does it work?

The idea is simple, but what kind of wood to choose? The best one is that burns for a long time and easily ignites. It can be birch, pine, beech, oak or fruit trees. It is important that trunk, from which we intend to make the torch was dry.

If you have a chainsaw, just make two or three notches in a way that you do not cut it all. For sure, it is worth sticking a piece of the trunk into the ground.

We need only a small piece of fire to make our bonfire fast, the rest will do the wind.

Other uses

An additional advantage of Swedish torches is their appearance. By the characteristic incisions during combustion, the wood attracts attention, which can be used as an ornament at a garden party, during sleigh ride, and can even replace a classic grill.

Depending on the type of wood used in the Swedish candle, it will help keep mosquitoes away from where we are.

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