There are many uses of wood slices. In today’s article, another plan how to use them. The garden path in combination with the discs is a simple idea with very satisfying effects.

To work

To do this type of path you need some soil, wood slices and possibly some pebbles.

The path must be excavated in the right width and then leveled. The depth should be at such a level that the inserted slices of wood gently protrude above the level of the lawn. The next step is to arrange the slices in any combination. They can be it
larger, single patches arranged one behind the other or a few smaller ones, compact with each other.

Once the patches are in place, the gaps should be filled with soil, however, in such a way that they do not equal the level of the patches. Now it’s time for decorative pebbles that are spilled between discs, on previously poured soil. When trampling, the wood slices probably fall down a bit, so keep that in mind when you dig them into the path.

wood slices path

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