The beginning of spring is the time when we begin to think about arranging the garden. So if we are the owners of an old, rural house or a modern building, stylized as old country manor houses, the ideal solution will be a garden, furnished in a rustic style. Such an idyllic, natural garden is a sentimental trip to the past, to the time of summer holidays at grandma’s, an opportunity for close contact with nature.

How to decorate a rustic garden?

Impression of freedom

A rustic garden must give the impression of space, in harmony with nature. So we give up orderly rockery and evenly trimmed hedges. The characteristic features of a rustic, idyllic garden in the former style are seemingly accidentally arranged alleys, carelessly planted flowers and spreading fruit trees. In such a garden, traditional plants, such as sunflowers, mallow, wild rose, apple tree, plum tree and pear tree.

The rustic garden should not lack space for a greengrocer. Vegetable garden fits perfectly into the landscape of the yard, adding to its naturalness and soyness. An additional advantage is the possibility of having delicious vegetables. Let’s choose traditional carrots, beets or onions, but let’s abandon the unusual, exotic vegetables that our grandmothers certainly did not do.

Stylish accessories for the garden

We should remember that the climate of the garden is created not only by plants, but also by appropriate additions, allowing to emphasize the style in which the space around the house was arranged. Imitation of an old well, with a bucket on a chain, is an offer for those who do not have a real well in the garden. Appropriate accents to the rustic garden will be: old gates and wickets, low wooden fences and a stylish garden gazebo. Do not forget to set up picturesque benches in the most charming corners of the garden.

rustic garden

Details are most important

What most emphasizes the mood in the rustic garden are various types of decorations and details, so you can not forget about them. Rusted padlock, protecting access to the fenced off part of the yard, cast iron hooks attached to the wooden gates (you can hang a decorative oil lamp or straw hat on them), or a wooden box with a rustic buckle and a hand-wrought chain are noteworthy during a rural arrangement old style garden.

The possibilities to decorate the space are almost limitless – in the stores you can find wooden stars or decorative metal emblems, warning against a dangerous dog or calling for closing the gate behind you. If, when arranging the old garden, we find a single wheel of a wagon, abandoned horseshoe, or cracked clay pot – under no circumstances should we throw away these treasures! They will also perfectly complement the climate of a rustic garden.


Rustic flower brackets

The suspension of pots with plants in various parts of the garden will allow for filling the upper parts of the space with retro-style additions. Thanks to this, the garden, observed from a distance, will not give the impression of a somewhat empty, separate space, but will become an element of the surroundings. This solution will also create a smooth transition between the house and the garden. When purchasing brackets, you should opt for decorative, cast iron wall brackets. Remember that the pots hung on them should be made of natural materials, such as wooden flower pots, and the flowers placed inside belong to common, native species.

Prepare a place for a bonfire

Being in the garden associates us with spending time with family. For the activity that we usually do in the summer in the garden space, most of us will consider grilling. You must admit, however, that a modern grill will look strange in a rustic garden. The recommended solution, which has even more charm than the commonly used garden grill, is to create a hearth. The campfire has a unique climate, is conducive to integration and allows you to party in the garden even on cooler evenings. Be sure to stock up on a cast iron cauldron – not only that it will harmonize with the arrangement of the garden, it will also allow you to conveniently prepare a tasty dish from the fire, and thanks to its durability, it will serve us for many years.


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