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Our products are designed for decorative qualities and practical use, so we set the bar high when it comes to the quality of our products.


We are currently working with companies from Western Europe, and our products are also available on the US market. We are consistently plan to open up to new markets.

About us

Bremlet Woodwork is a company with the mission of bringing man closer to nature. We are a producer of wood products for home and garden. Our products are dominated by birch and pine wood. Most of them are used to decorate gardens or rustic rooms. The offer is characterized by wood slices, wooden flower pots, bird feeders and wooden stars. In addition, we produce things that are useful every day or occasionally, like Swedish torches or a kindling for the fireplace.

Our company has been working for over four years and is recording better and better sales results every year.  We are constantly expanding our offer and consistently plan to open up to new markets. Bremlet Woodwork mainly sells wholesale. We offer our clients fully natural products from selected raw materials. The company’s location is in the north-east Poland and every material comes from local places, so our orders are processed quickly and carefully.


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Wood Slices

Wood slices are nicely made circles for use in your home or garden. Different sizes give them an infinite number of applications. Slices are dried and packed in sacks.

Birch Star

Birch star is interesting decoration, especially for Christmas time.


Dried kindling is perfect to start your fire going. Just a few kindling sticks are enough to fuel the fire.

Swedish Candle

Swedish candle is made of birch or pine wood, it allows the flame to stay on for a long time, and thanks to its cuts it ignites very quickly. A Swedish torch fits perfectly as a decoration for your garden party or in more difficult conditions


Everything about wood

How to choose best firewood?

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